Roosters Ice Cream in Mount Pleasant at 1039 East Broadway Vancouver

Why write about ice cream in December when it’s -2 degrees Celsius outside?


Roosters Ice Cream 1039 E Broadway

Roosters Ice Cream 1039 E Broadway

Roosters Ice Cream is so good it does not matter how cold it is outside. If you think about it, the cold weather might just be a positive thing.  I mean, if it is -2 degrees Celsius your ice cream is going to last a lot longer.

The location is in an original wood framed Mount Pleasant building with zero neighbouring retail stores. If you are out for an afternoon visiting the shops and cafes in Mount Pleasant there is little chance you will walk by Roosters.  Those who go to Roosters have made a plan to get to Roosters and rightly so because good ice cream is worth a journey and an adventure.  Once inside Roosters, you will know it’s all about the ice cream.  The interior isn’t glitzy, just a clean no frills space.  One thing is for certain and that is once you have chosen your flavor and you have taken your first bite, you know you have a little taste of heaven on your palette.

Another great feature about Roosters Ice Cream is that it is made in an artisan style.  They only use high quality natural ingredients and there is no artificial colouring or added chemicals.


Some of the flavors to choose from:

Caramel Hazelnut Dark Chocolate

Avocado Honey Vodka

Lime & Organic Lavender

Mango Raspberry

Costa Rican Dark Chocolate

Banana Fudge Coconut Swirl

There are many more flavors and I recommend a visit to check them all out, you will be glad you did. For anyone who wants to choose something other than an ice cream cone Roosters also offers sundaes, root beer floats, ice cream filled donuts and ice cream sandwiches.

ice cream donut

Roosters Ice Cream Filled Doughnut

















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Written by Don Urquhart Vancouver real estate agent since 1987 – supporting local businesses.