Blog about Vancouver Real Estate Market

  The Vancouver real estate market has been very active over the past 12 weeks. There has been an upward pressure on prices in townhouses, half duplexes and single family detached homes. Today’s buyers are looking for less densely populated areas, private outdoor spaces and extra rooms to work from home, however, there is downward […]

Vancouver Real Estate Market During COVID-19 Quarantine

The last 12 weeks have been challenging and concerning in all areas of our communities. I have not published any articles since April 16th, 2020. It did not feel right to be posting articles outlining how the Vancouver real estate market was fairing during a pandemic. To me there was a much larger and more […]

Vancouver Real Estate Statistics Amid COVID-19

The information below shows how the current COVID-19 quarantine is affecting our Vancouver real estate market. As we entered March of 2020 the real estate market was very active with most areas transitioning from a Buyers market to a Sellers market. Prices were increasing in the affordability sectors and new listings in sought after locations […]

COVID-19 and the Vancouver Real Estate Market

I have taken the March 2020 sales data from the Vancouver Real Estate Board and broken it down into two categories by date. The first category is the number of sales from March 1st to 17th. The second category is the number of sales from March 17th to March 31st. The data shows the initial […]

From Calm to Storm Overnight (written March 9th 2020)

From a Balanced Market to a Sellers Market in less than 45 Days The first 14 days of 2020 in the Vancouver real state market started off on a positive note. Well priced listings in the affordable price ranges were selling within 14 days at close to asking. Lack of inventory and low interest rates […]

Important Tip When Buying a Vancouver Condo

It’s your third weekend to head out and view 5 new listings that just hit the market on Thursday. There is one listing in the 5 that looks perfect in the photos but it’s your first time going to this particular building. Your real estate agent has told you the building looks good and he […]

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a multiple offer. In this article I will do my best to cover the important details. Multiple offers can happen in busy real estate markets and slow real estate markets. In my opinion this can take the fun out of purchasing a house and […]

Buyers Market or Sellers Market by Price Range The Vancouver real estate market increased in activity in July and August. There was an increase in the total number of monthly sales compared to the previous months of 2019 and compared to July and August of 2018. This has sparked a debate in the media questioning […]

May 2019 Vancouver Real Estate Market Review

The Vancouver Spring real estate market activity is increasing compared to the previous months of 2019.  Buyers are sensitive to pricing but are quick to write offers on good well priced properties in sought after locations. I have witnessed more than a few multiple offers in the recent weeks. Buyers that are participating in multiple […]

What is the difference between a Strata and a Co-Op

Strata development was first implemented in British Columbia in 1966 and was named Strata Title Act. Today we know it as Strata Property Act. Prior to 1966 there was no strata title ownership and all apartment ownership was done through Co-Op, meaning Company Ownership. If you are searching for a condo today and you find […]