Buying Real Estate Property

I have been representing buyers and investors in the Vancouver residential real estate market for over 25 years. I believe that purchasing a home should be an enjoyable, relaxed and informative experience. Whether your search for a new home takes days, weeks or months I know that I can provide you with invaluable information and assistance.

As Your Agent

I have the experience and tools to provide you with the important information you will require when embarking on this exciting endeavor. With a deep understanding of negotiating tactics, other Vancouver agents and our local market I can bring the truly important facts to the surface which will successfully guide you through the process of purchasing a home.

My Experience

I have represented buyers and sellers across Vancouver: from luxury waterfront properties to 400 square foot bachelor apartments as well as multi-unit revenue properties and Vancouver landmark high-rise pre-sales. I know Vancouver inside and out and I am able to bring to attention what most buyers do not see.

Local Knowledge

I was born and raised in Vancouver; I know the neighbourhoods and communities within them and I know that even a few blocks can make a difference or have a different feel. Vancouver’s ever changing real estate values bring continual changes to areas over time. I will be able to discuss this with you as we go through the process of finding your next home.

If you are looking for a condominium, I am very familiar with countless buildings in Vancouver. I know building layouts, their history as well as their good or weak points; I know the buildings that you should be wary of, even those that make a good first impression. This knowledge is critical because when you invest in a condo, you are investing in the building.

Professional Market Evaluation

Prior to writing an offer I can provide a detailed up to the minute market evaluation and a complete history of the subject property. The detailed information I provide will guide you in understanding where the current market value is today.

Immediate access to New Listings

I will provide you with the new listings in “agent” time. What this means is you will have access to the new listings 48 hours before they hit the public MLS system. We can also discuss the new listings as soon as they come out as to whether they are worth viewing. This will allow you to utilize your time in searching for a new home in the most efficient and effective manner.

Macdonald Realty

Macdonald Realty success is firmly based on the service it provides and the reputation it has earned. A large part of Macdonald Realty’s business comes from past clients and their referrals. Macdonald Realty is, in a word or two, a modern company with old fashioned values. Our ongoing desire is to exceed our clients’ expectations. The Macdonald Team knows that meeting needs and exceeding expectations is just the beginning; “the best is the least we can do”.

My Guarantee

When working with you to find your next home I will never make you feel rushed. I believe in a professional, informative and relaxed approach. I enjoy working with buyers and building trusting relationships. I know that purchasing a property to be your next home should never be about the time it takes. My goal is to work extremely hard for you to find that perfect home.