Solo OC1 Georgia Strait Crossing

Solo Open Ocean Outrigger OC1 Paddle from Nanaimo to Vancouver

I am organising an inspirational event and a fundraiser for the students of Charles Dickens Elementary School and the education department of Charles Dickens Elementary in Mount Pleasant. By sharing my adventure with the students I hope to inspire goal setting, preparation, and an awareness of our oceans. I have learned that education through outdoor adventure can have a positive effect that transcends in all areas of our lives.

Vancouver English Bay

Looking West to The Mouth of English Bay

I have been training for the single day crossing since December of 2016. I will paddle my OC1 38 miles across the open ocean of the Georgia Strait in a single day and if all goes well in less than 8 hours. There are many challenging factors with respect to wind, tides, ebbs and flows and because of this, I will have a two week window from May 17th to May 31st to choose a day for the crossing. An OC1 – outrigger canoe single seat – is a light closed hull canoe that weighs approximately 25 pounds and when paddled efficiently can maintain a speed of approximately 5.5 miles per hour on flat water over long distances. I have been OC1 canoeing since 2004 and I have been very lucky to spend a considerable amount of time on our local oceans. To date, I have paddled alongside Grey Whales, Humpback Whales, White Side Dolphins, Porpoises, Sea Lions, River Otters, and of course our Harbour Seals. I have yet to observe a Killer Whale while paddling on the ocean but I know it is only a matter of time before we cross paths.

Vancouver English Bay

Early Morning Sunrise in English Bay. There was a dark cloud cover that masked the sky and for just a brief moment the sun found an opening.


Vanier Park Vancouver

Outrigger Canoe Single Seat OC1

If you would like to follow the event online please visit my Facebook page and GoFundMe page titled Solo OC1 Georgia Strait Crossing.

Written by Don Urquhart Vancouver real estate – Mount Pleasant Specialist and Olympic Village Specialist.